Visitor Visa Extension

Visitor Visa Extension

Visiting Canada can be a lot of fun, in fact, it may be so fun that you might not be ready to leave when your visitor visa expires. However, you should go through some application steps to ensure that Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not harm your status. You can either re-apply for a visitor visa, or you can apply to become a Permanent Resident. MODE Immigration can help you get your Permanent Resident Card any time!

If you are currently within Canada you will have a stamp within your passport which will state how long you are allowed to stay in Canada under that visa. If you want to continue visiting Canada you will have to apply for an extension at least 30 days before the expiry date occurs. If the expiry date passes while your application is in process with the CIC you will still be considered legally within Canada until CIC responds to your application.

You may submit your application online, but it is immensely important that you file all of the necessary forms correctly. If they aren’t your application will be returned to you and you may have to leave Canada. Below is a list of the documents that you will have to include on your application:

Spoken English

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